Divorce Lawyers for Temporary Orders

In conjunction with a divorce or paternity case the parties involved may make immediate requests from the court for “temporary orders.” Such requests are made by filing a “Request for Order (RFO).” A RFO is a petition for a judge to make certain orders such as child custody, child support and spousal support while the petition for dissolution of marriage or petition to establish a parental relationship is pending with the court. Before the hearing on the RFO, each party files paperwork with the court communicating his or her needs in regards to the case and what orders he or she thinks need to be put in place.

Once these orders have been issued by the judge, they are legally binding and not following them can put an individual in contempt of court. If the individual is found in contempt of court, he or she can be jailed or fined based on the discretion of the judge. These temporary orders are either dissolved or incorporated into the final judgment of dissolution of marriage or judgment establishing parental relationship.

If you need legal assistance in obtaining temporary orders during your divorce or paternity petition, contact Long Beach divorce attorney Angela Novas McGill to discuss your case today!