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If you think an error has been made by U.S. immigration authorities in their decision concerning your immigration application or petition, several steps are available for you to take in requesting that the decision be reconsidered. A motion to reopen your case or a motion to reconsider your case may be filed. Such motions require that you state specific reasons for why your case should be reopened or reconsidered.

In instances where a motion to reopen needs filing, you will need the legal services of an experienced immigration attorney. Long Beach immigration attorney Angela Novas McGill is an Immigration and Natural Law Specialist. She has specialized in immigration law cases and has been practicing since 1997. With her extensive knowledge and experience with immigration law, she can provide outstanding service to her clients in all immigration matters. She has helped immigration clients from around the world and represented cases throughout Southern California. Ms. McGill personally handles all court cases and supervises closely each and every case until a resolution has been reached. Both she and her staff are fluent in Spanish and English.

Immigration Motions to Reopen

A motion to reopen your immigration case must contain new facts about your case and affidavits or other evidence to support those facts. Motions to reconsider must state a reason for the reconsideration and provide evidence that the original decision was made in error. All motions must be filed within 30 days of the most recent decision in the case and made to the agency officer responsible for that decision. Even though a motion has been filed, it does not change or delay any action which is scheduled to occur as a result of the original decision, such as a deportation or removal. This long-standing law is in flux as of January 2009 and an immigration attorney such as Ms. McGill should be consulted.

Do you want to have your immigration case reopened? Contact Long Beach immigration lawyer Angela Novas McGill for legal assistance for a motion to reopen.