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Immigration Lawyer for Long Beach Lawful Permanent Resident Cases

If you would like to become a Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) of the United States, your first step should be to contact a Long Beach immigration attorney.  Attorney Angela Novas McGill is a certified Specialist in immigration and nationality law.

Green Card Attorney California

She has represented clients throughout southern California including those in Long Beach, Norwalk, Bellflower, San Pedro, Torrance and northern Orange County.  Having a highly skilled immigration attorney on your side can help you navigate the many complex procedures, forms and requirements that are part of U.S. immigration law and increase the likelihood that your petition will be approved! 

Benefits of U.S. Residency

There are many benefits to obtaining a Green Card and residency. There are a multitude of employment and education opportunities for permanent residents of the United States.  Once a resident, you can live in the U.S. permanently, apply for any job you choose and even help certain family members immigrate as well by petitioning on their behalf.  This is also the doorway to citizenship.  The process of obtaining a Green Card and becoming a resident can be lengthy and there are strict requirements.

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Becoming a permanent resident in the U.S. is possible and a Long Beach residency lawyer at the firm may be able to make this a reality for you, a family member or employee.  The process begins with an application for a Green Card.  An attorney at the firm can help with ensuring that all qualifications are met or get met, obtaining and preparing required documentation and even assisting the client with preparing for the interviews with immigration officials.  With the help of Angela Novas McGill, Green Card Attorney Long Beach, you can succeed in becoming a resident of the U.S.!

Contact us to speak with a Green Card Attorney Los Angeles today and find out about starting on the road to becoming a United States citizen!