Q. If I have a green card, can I become eligible to obtain U.S. citizenship?


A green card allows for you to work and live in the USA while attempting to pursue your naturalization on a permanent basis if you choose. If you are in possession of a green card, and have been physically in the United States of Americafor a period that is sufficient youcan apply for citizenship just as long as you meetthe criteria set forth by the governing authority which includes the ability write and speak in English, as well as being able to demonstrate the principles covered in the U.S. Constitution. For citizenship applicants that have not been in the U.S. for enough timeor individuals that have been accused of a crime, they will not be eligible for citizenship in the USAns. For more information about the ways to obtain US citizenship talk with one of our immigration attorneys.

Q. I currently have a temporary visa, but I am interested inacquiring permanent residency in the U.S. What is this process like?


Many professionals & students come to the US towork and study in the country on a temporary basis, but then later decide to pursue a longer term of stay. When an individual does this, it is known as a “change of status”. It can beexceptionally challenging to update the status and it is complicated procedure for which you should talk with an immigration attorney about. Every situation is different from the next, so unfortunately there is not a "one-size-fits-all-type" of answer to provide on this matter. The most important step is to take your residency seriously and talk with an experienced professional about individual situation to work through a course of action that will meet your specific needs.

Q. I received a notification to appear before the immigration courts. What does this mean?


If you havebeen served with a notice to appear this typically means that you have been placed in removal proceedings. The first step you should take is to speak with attorney to determine the best course of action and to determine if you may be able to receive relief from your removal. Depending on whether you qualify for relief or not, you may be able to seek U.S. asylum, U.S. naturalization, or an alternative type of immigration relief. However, if you do have a criminal record or have been charged with a crime then this particular process can be very complicated. The best step is to speak with an attorney about the matter that pertains to you and to createa strong defense for deportation from the United States of AmericAns.

Q. I recently became a U.S. citizen, but I want to file a petition for a relative. How can I upgrade the petition?


In this case, start by making a copy of the Naturalization Certificate that you received. DO NOT SEND THE ORIGINAL COPY. Sendinga copy toNational Visa Center, located at 32 Rochester Ave, Portsmouth New Hampshire, 03801 is the first step. Secondly, you will need to createa letter that contains thebeneficiary’s name (first & last) and the particular case number (full number) on the petition that you are trying to upgrade.

Q. I recently got engaged, will my fiancée automaticallyget a visa change to a green card ?


No, this will not happen. Once you aremarried, the U.S. citizen must get in contact with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services office to updatethe status to a legal permanent resident in the U.S.

Q. What are the reasons to hire an immigration attorney ?


Due to the complex issues of U.S. Immigration, speaking with an immigration attorney that understands the in’s & out’s of immigration law is a great start. The typicallayperson will not understand the intricacies of immigration law, and more often than not, each individual immigration case is different from any other particular case. An experienced immigration attorney will be able to identify the key issues, timelines and requirements that are specific to your individual case. An experience immigration lawyer can also help to make sure that your application is thorough and complete and that it will not be rejected by the governing body. When applications are submitted that are incomplete it will result in delays of processing and even the possibility of beingrejected. This can jeopardize your ability to remain in the U.S. and potentially get you deported.

Q. I just received my green card. How long will it be valid ?


Typically, permanent residency is obtained in the United States of Americaby a green card. A green card allows for a foreign national to work and live in the United States (potentially on an indefinite basis).When the greencardgets issued, it often is on a temporary basis and is only valid for 2 years. Following thetwo years of eligibility, if you have not been convicted of criminal activity and maintained eligibility, you will have the ability to apply for permanent residencywith a visa which is valid for 10 years. If you are interested in applying for permanent residency, then contact Angela McGill at our office to discuss the pathway to your citizenship.

Q. My visa has expired but I want to remain in the U.S. What can I do?


When your visa expires, the initial step you shouldtake is to contact an immigration lawyer. We deal with matters like this all the time and will take the time to sit down and review your current immigration status and individual situation. From there, we’ll help to determine the course of action to take based on your individual case. It is important for us to note that timing is crucial once your visa has expired. Without delay you should contact at attorney or risk the chance of issues with your immigration status.

Q. I received a deportation order today. What canI do to avoid being deported?


The first step you should take it to contact our immigration law firm. You will need to begin building a case for your immigration status as quickly as possible to avoid deportation.

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