Non Immigrant Employment-Related Visas

Business visas allow temporary employment in the U.S and, some types, such as L and E may lead to permanent residence. Most require a petition to the US CIS by an employer.

H1-B Visas for specialty occupations. Limited number per year and subject to a cap.

O-1A visas – For persons of extraordinary abilities  in the sciences, arts, education business or athletics.

O-1B Visas – For persons in motion picture or TV production

P-1 Visas for athletes and group entertainers

L visas for intracompany transferees with Managerial, Executive or Specialized Knowledge.

E-1 E-2 Visas for Treaty traders and Treaty investors. There must be a treaty of friendship, commerce or navigation between U.S. and applicant’s country.

E-3 Visas allows nationals of Australia  to enter the U.S. to perform services in a specialty occupation. Limited to 10,500 per year.

NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) For Mexican and Canadian citizens  who enter the U.S. as business visitors.

TN Visas for Canadian and Mexican citizens engaged in professional activities.