Post-Conviction Relief Attorney Los Angeles

Expungements and reductions from felony to misdemeanors under P.C. 179b), Certificates of Rehabilitation and Pardons, Motions to vacate a conviction and Proposition 47.

Criminal convictions can have serious consequences for non citizens, in some cases, for long time permanent residents. After a non citizen serves a sentence he is usually taken into custody by immigration authorities and placed in deportation proceedings and, in most cases, they are not eligible for a bond while their case proceeds through the immigration court system.


Angela Novas McGill and her associates may be able to help eliminate the consequences of a criminal conviction for a non citizen by going back to the criminal court in California and requesting post conviction relief such as an expungement, a reduction of a felony to misdemeanor under Penal Code 17(b) or under the recently passed proposition 47 or, in some cases, vacate a conviction because the individual’s former attorney failed to advise him of the immigration consequences of pleading guilty to a particular offense. 

Post-Conviction Relief & Immigration Status

It is in your best interested to contact an attorney to determine how post-conviction relief will affect your status as an immigrant. For more information and to schedule a free consultation with Angela Novas McGill, fill out the form on our website's contact us page or give is a call directly at 562-432-6227.